run, max, run!

max ran in a little city run on saturday. he's been telling me for the past month that he was going to take second or third. it was one mile down capitol street to the capitol building. he ran the whole thing in about ten minutes. not to bad for a little guy. nikki and wade ran the whole way on the side so we wouldn't lose max. but we did.
a little dancing before the race.
stretching at home
more stretches.

max is the kids with his arms straight down. kind of funny.

the best part : all the free loot and food at the end. it was a huge party.
fun times, people.


I am MommaCat said...

WOW.....he ran the whole thing?? Good job Max!

Jami said...

How do I get some Pilling genes into me so I will go running? Can you get it in liquid form...to go right into my diet coke? :)

skidentist said...

I just hope he beet the kid in the red rash guard.

Lauren B. said...

Way to go Max!

Brad said...

He runs just like his daddy. I like the kid directly behind him, looks like he has a ganster swagger when he runs.