weird atatchments

i'm sweeping the floor

nik - oh look, mom, there's a hair on the floor.

me - oh, thanks

reaching for the strand with the broom

nik (quite frantically) - no mom! DON'T!!

sweep. sweep. swept.

me - why not?

nik - i was gonna say something to it.

me - what?

nik - nothing. (then inaudible whispering directed at the dustpan)

me - what did you say to it?

nik - "i hope you have a great time in the garbage truck"

really? a piece of hair? not even an ant or a stray blueberry but a piece of hair? silly girl.


skidentist said...

haha, needless to say we are quite excited to see Nik when we come out. I have seen Leighanna so excited to see one of my neices.

Emily said...

Where does she come up with these things?! She is so funny! I love that little kid. She is one of a kind!