you know what's really fun?

when you're perusing the the shirt section at goodwill and your #3 says she has to go potty.
you say she's got to wait two seconds.
and when two seconds are up you turn to realize that #3 is nowhere to be found.
and i mean NOWHERE.
you ask the cute clerk if he's seen a little blondie in pink leotard and tights
"how old?"
and he gets all worried.
"i have a little girl myself blah blah"
yes, but i'm concerned with my little girl right now.
so, search search search
get on the floor to check beneath all the racks for hiding feet.
dang it!
now mister bald head and mustache from loading joins the search after cute guy and then i check out the loading docks.
"whitney! whitney! come out!"
next, miss dyed black hair comes to the search party
right before cute guy gets on the p.a.
"whitney, will you please come to the front?"
and max points out that she doesn't know where the front is.
now i'm starting to panic and wishing i'd gone straight to the front of the store to catch the getaway car 5 minutes ago.
then i reassure myself that no one in their right mind would snatch whitney and if they did they'd return her in 10 minutes.
so, finally
mister bald head and mustache yells that he's found her.
in the dressing room.
miss dyed black hair says she knocked on all the doors.
"well, she was hiding" like i'd told them before.
i stick my head under the door and all i see are two pink legs with purple slip-ons curled under a pink bum on the bench.
she thought it was the bathroom.
then she realized it was a good hiding spot.
then all the employees stand around my cart watching to make sure i'm putting her in it this time


Nead Family said...

that was he-lar-i-ous!!!! love that whitney! once again, the little micro chip we could insert into her arm.....sounds good, right?! glad she's fine...

Becky said...

Funny and yet scary at the same time. Nice that all those workers were willing to help! Too bad I don't know whitney personally...but, despite that I could picture her in her cute liotard (sp?), tights and shoes...hiding. Cute!

I am MommaCat said...

Ohhh noooo! Scary and funny, but so glad that everything was fine in the end. Give that "little stinker" a big squeeze from Aunti Cat ;)

Bille said...

I don't know why you should be surprised. Do you remember who her mother is? I remember going in stores with you and Bille and Jess (I should have known better) and "loosing" you in the rounders---just a little hide and seek.
Who climbed the tallest trees and couldn't get down, climbed onto counters and up three shelves to get the iron pills------need I say more?!? Hang in there, it just gets better. Bille, the mom