ice cream anyone?

last night summer and i hosted a back-to-school ice cream block party. we blocked off the street so the kids could run wild, which they did, and let the good times roll.
we've been saying for three years we were gonna do it and (this is kind of pathetic) a lot of people came that we didn't know ... people who live on our street. wouldn't it be great if i could say i've known all these people and have built our friendships for the past three years.
because they were all really nice interesting and good people just like us (yes i'm applying all those adjectives to me and my family).
but, kick my hiney, i've wasted three years of good neighborly cheer. on what? insecurities? inconveniences? whatever my excuses i hope i can be a lot more neighborly in the future.
and hopefully, next year our party won't get crashed by the police.
no. they didn't come for the ice cream


alison said...

what a great idea, eve if the police did come. ya'll are still breaking all the rules!

Becky said...

How fun! What a great idea, and better late than never. Sounds like a crazy fun time.

Sadly, we didn't make it up to Idaho this summer. But, Nate has one more year of grad school and then we are hopefully heading back West...so, I'm taking a raincheck!

eloise12 said...

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