adventures in thrifting : 1

i have a problem.
an addiction, really.
i've come to terms with it and i'm ready to be out in the open about it.
i'm addicted to thrifting.
the thrill of the hunt.
the splendor of emerging victorious
holding bags of what others have deemed "junk" as my trophies.
i like stuff.
digging, scrounging, pilfering.
it's all a bit dirty
i go armed with germ-x and clorox wipes.
do i disgust you?
so what.
i'm not looking for rehabilitation.
just a place to share, or air, my latest best finds.
maybe that's my attempt to assign my "problem" some sort of validity
beyond the high i get.
whatever it is, here we go.

i actually really loved the gilt on this frame,
but the shape was too perfect for nikki's new room
and gold just didn't work in there.

so out came the can of pink spray paint.

i dare you to find a better mirror for a 7-year-old-girl's room.
(plus i talked them down ten bucks to fifteen)
yes, you can haggle at thrift stores.


jensneew said...

niiiiiiiice!!! The pink really makes it :) I relate to these adventures in thrifting - but I only have one thrift store for 30 miles and have to share it with a bunch of poor, married college students. I don't get much loot. Can't wait to see more!

ps - i think it stems from our teenage years.... when "grunge" was so new and cool....

Amy said...

And this is exactly why I need you to take me with you! I just love how you see things!! The mirror is totally perfect - love the pink.

Adri said...

Love it! Love you and your thrifting craziness. I never have much thrift store luck. I need you to be my mentor...oh why do we live so far apart!?!

Bille said...

I love it!! I guess I hadn't seen that mirror----there was a smaller one when I was there. The pink is perfect. By the way, work your magic on the lamp!!!!

Rachel said...

Liz, I LOVE it a thousand times!!! And I love thrift store/yard sale/trash can finds.

Becky said...

I am SO bad at thrifting. I tried it last spring and FAILED. I paid $10 for a 100 year old drying rack. I wanted to see if I could avoid using the dryer and save $.75 per load. I thought in my head, "I wouldn't pay more than $10 for that." Then instead of starting out WAY lower than I would pay I started at the top. Stupid! I said, "$10?" and she said, "OK!"