she's fiiiiiiiiiive!!

oh, whitney. what to say about whitney?
i think she was a cat in another life.
evidence: scaling six foot walls...
wearing roller skates?

but she LOOOVES the water, so maybe a fish?
and endless energy. forever and ever and ever and.....
monkey, possibly?

this is totally typical : smearing her older brother and sisters in a foot race. she's got speed.
which feeds my anxieties of taking her to public places.
she never walks. every jaunt from A to B is accomplished at a full sprint on the balls of her feet.
plus she's stealthy. speed and stealth. a very bad combination, for me.
especially while shopping.
but then there's this sweetness,

and this goofiness,

and this readiness for whatever,

and this curiosity

that make all the anxieties and frustrations that her little quirks bring to her imperfect and less than patient mother over and above worth having and loving her.
and we do love her.
happy birthday, baby.
over and over and over again.


Randy and Danielle said...

How can this be??!!! Happy Birthday to that sweet little rascal girl! We love her!

Peter and Amber said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting!! They are so adorable! :-)

Amy said...

I'm a total sap today because you had me tearing up :) She really has such the perfect combination of adventurous & sweet. Happy #5!!!

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

i wish there was video of whitney running full speed head down into the sliding glass door and then bouncing 5 feet back into the snow. i'd say that pretty well sums her up.