downton abbey

if you think you're not missing out on something by ignoring this series you're sorely mistaken.  talk about great tv.  i don't really watch much tv at all, but this, this is good stuff.

it's like a super posh, high class soap opera...
minus the lame acting, low budget sets, and trashy story line.
and so fascinating to see inside the intricacies and snobbery of the gentrified english estates. 

there's enough of love, intrigue, and scandal to keep 
you on your toes,

not to mention an old meddling bat who loves to stir the pot,

and some pretty vicious sibling rivalry.

the second season cannot come soon enough.
oh, and the dresses!  the dresses.
max and nik have even been enjoying 
some of the first season with me.
oops. there's the dressing gong. time to go dress for dinner.   
i wish.


Amy said...

We loved this series also and can't wait for season 2!! I got Todd to watch it with me and he really liked it. I just wish people still dressed like that all the time.

annelisa said...

I agree! I LOVED this show. I cannot wait until the next season comes out!

Kristin & Sophie said...

I just love your blog Elizabeth. It makes my day when I see a new post from you! BTW - I love English drama's. After my own heart you are! Wish someone rang a dinner gong at my house.