in march...

we wear green to celebrate today, and to avoid being pinched.
(and because green is awesome!) 

and we set traps in hopes of catching the little creature who tells the secret to his treasures.
(notice the fake gold lures)

but he's a tricky one, that little swindler.

and this punk will certainly be eating green mint chocolate chip  ice cream cake to celebrate his birthday.
happy birthday, jess!
(that's my big brother)

and, since we're almost a quarter of the way through the year, today is also a great day to...

take down my christmas cards.


skidentist said...

is that why you didn't come today, because you didn't have any green gym clothes? i considered that this morning but figured if someone pinched me joke would be on them because i would be so sweaty.

also, i really hope in devan's older years she continues her tradition of super awkward photo faces.

skidentist said...

so tired of it always being skidentist on this computer.

Anonymous said...

Gotta use the sticky rat traps for those little guys!!!

Thanks for the B-day wishes it was great.