8 months, and then some

i'm a little late on these.  still no crawling (hooray!), although she seems like she's getting closer to thinking about it.  
no rush.  a string of drool and a slobbery shirt are her constant companions nowadays.

this girl LOVES her food.  
her favorites: beets and butternut squash.
she goes a little crazy when she sees it coming.
it looks a little bit like she got ahold of a kitchen knife when she's done with her beets.

gwen says "mamama" when she wants something and "dadada" when she's happy and entertained.
pretty genius, i know.

oooooh, that face.  love it.  love her.


I am MommaCat said...

Such a cutie pie...I can't believe how big she's getting.....and makes me sad that I haven't met her yet. I love all the pics! Beets....heeheehee :)

Becky said...

She is so cute! I wish I could meet her too.