grey is not glum

i'm slightly obsessed with grey (or gray) as of late.  i have this urge to paint everything  in my house a shade of the color.  i won't, but i might come close.

found this coffee table at (where else) the goodwill last week and attacked it with my paint brush.  SO much better than that big leather ottoman i had i there.  it was a sea of leather.  now for the couches... probably can't paint those.

this made its way to my house while wade was out of town.  it also took a beating from me and my brush.
i've got BIG plans for this wall.

before.  blech.
see?  grey is superior in every way

recently painted my piano room a creamy shade of grey.  
actually, ms sharkey grey, to be exact.  
it's the prettiest in the morning light.
i wish my whole house was this color.

nope.  still haven't finished my curtains.

i love the dark graphite of the armoire here.

source unknown

these cupboards are almost white they're so light, 
but they're definitely grey, and so sophisticated.
also, i freaked out over the wall of plates when i first saw this.


another lovely shade of grey.
this is at the top of my wish list.
right at the top... wade.


Randy and Danielle said...

I see you have forgotten to mention me as your total design inspiration, seeing as I have multiple shades of gray in my house. I won't hold offence. By the way, I am coming by later today to pick up the dental cabinet, just leave it out on the door step.Thanks, kisses.

Adri said...

I so need your help with this whole house-building project I am in the middle of...

Rachel said...

Oh my FREAK, I LOVE that entry way thing! I have a black dresser that I don't want to be black anymore, but I don't even know how to begin changing it. Wish you were here or I were there. You are my decorating hero! I can't wait to see what you do with that all. Love your grey piano room as well.

Amy said...

mmmmm... I LOVE Grey! I want to come see your projects in person... the new entry piece looks A-MAZING!

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