birthday girl

last week nikki turned eight.
that's a big deal.
and saturday she was baptized.
that's a really big deal.
mikki's kind of a big deal too.
in lots of ways.
she's got big heart.
it's tender and sensitive and fragile and loving.
she's got big emotion.
it's firey and dramatic and fickle and unpredictable.
she's got big soul.
it's caring and giving and sympathetic and thoughtful.
happy birthday, you lovely thing. 
and congratulations.



. said...

Holy cats that girl looks like you! Glad you kept those sexy shoes, and Nikkie's are pretty cute too.

Peter and Amber said...

She is gorgeous!

Kim said...

Congrats Nikki. Absolutely beautiful!

Shelby said...

ahhh. I remember holding that little baby 8 years ago. Tiny little beauty. She is so beautiful, inside and out! Congratulations, Nikki.

Jennece Kahuhu said...

Wow!I can't believe she's that old already! Congrats! Your family is getting so big, so great!