whitney is curious.
  especially about things teeny tiny.  
anything  little and squirmy, 
whether it's darling or disgusting, 
has her immediate attention.
she collects these tiny wonders...
in her pockets.
she fills them with rocks and pebbles.  
that's pretty normal.
bugs and sticks.
leaves and flowers.
coins of all sizes.
marbles and beads and crystals.
no shocker.
i've caught her stuffing her pockets with hands full 
of sand and gravel.
that's borderline strange.
it all comes out in the wash.
and my lint tray in my dryer needs a break.
it takes too much energy to check pockets.
but today i found a new one in my washer.
i thought my laundry room smelled faintly epicurean.
this little girl was collecting cloves 
of the smelly stuff yesterday.
i'm pretty sure i saw her swipe a 
few cilantro leaves at the store too.
she's so weird.
and i love it.


Becky said...

that's funny! what a cute girl.

I learned a new word today! Epicurean.

Anonymous said...

More and more like Bille every day.
Can't wait for her to try cutting down your smaller trees with a butter knife!