farts are funny

ask devan if she knows any good jokes and she'll start off with what could legitimately be a good one, only to ruin the ending with something about farts.  she thinks they're funny.  not only the farts themselves,  but especially the discussion of them.  somehow they apply to every life situation for her. 
so we were reading before bed tonight, and the term "party pooper" came up, which instantly peaked my girls' interest, and after a short explanation of the meaning (which devan completely ignored) she burst out,
"HA!  farty poopers.  that's so funny!"
as if i would be reading a bedtime story about farty poopers to my girls.  please.  they get enough of that kind of dialogue all day long between the two of them. 

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I am MommaCat said...

Hahahhaa....Love that girl!