here she sits

this used to be gwen's favorite place to color...
until i wizened up and pulled out our art easel.
i know, genius. 
not sure why it took me five months of this to remember we had one.

"oh, WOW!  i am amazing!  really!!"

the drawer is also a favorite place to sit/stand.

now that the easel is a permanent fixture in the family room it's her favorite place to be.  she sings songs to herself all about coloring.  in fact the lyrics are quite original.
they go, "color, color, color, color."
super catchy.

these are her "extreme concentration" faces.
hopefully she adopts a new one before she hits the testing center phase of her life.

she's very particular with her color selection...

and so critical of her work.

she gets her snack and sippy set up all by herself ready to go.
p.s. the gyro bowl is awesome!

this keeps her occupied for a good long time.
thank goodness for that!


I am MommaCat said...

Awww.. Gwenny-penny is growing up too fast. She's a doll and I love the concentration looks. Oh, and the feet....LOVE!

Becky said...

So so so cute! What an adorable little artist.

Adri said...

I can never get over how much our babies are so, so alike! My Lea loves to color, too, and her latest obsession is coloring with PEN on her own FEET! She shows me her drawings often, proud of her body art. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come!

mallari said...

Ha ha ha OK those little concentrated lip puckers are so dang cute!!

Katie Busken said...

She is so sweet. Her mother is quite the artist so I know where she gets it!