she likes to tinker

whitney is my most curious.
 almost to a fault.
like a cat.
you know what they say about curious cats...

she wants to see how things work,
inspect their innards,
tear them apart and put them back together.
i loved doing that when i was little.
if it's broken or needs new batteries i don't hear about it.
she takes care of it on her own.
her private treasure stash includes an array of screwdrivers and screws and nuts and bolts.

she has the perfect head of crazy inventor hair.
or maybe that's lazy mom hair?

yes, that's the doggie doo game.
and no, i did NOT purchase that for my children.
that was a christmas gift from their oh-so-thoughtful aunt and uncle.
it's SO disgusting.
but, i won't pretend that i don't enjoy it almost as much as my kids do,
so it's a good thing whit was around to fix it when it stopped working.


Amy said...

It will be a skill that will always serve her well! Plus the mad scientist hair is just awesome!!

eloise12 said...

So great! Wade has always had the magic teeth touch! He deserves it! namba idaho

Knourjua said...

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