let's make it a nice round number, shall we?

if five is nice, then six must be better.
that's our thinking anyway.
so we're excitedly looking forward to welcoming another 
baby GIRL
to the family the end of the summer.
five girls!  what the what!?!
i'm beyond thrilled and slightly astounded.
although, i assumed we were having another girl.  just because.
not sure how to describe what wade is right now.
obviously happy,
maybe a bit flabbergasted?
shell shocked?
don't know.
give it a day or two to set in.
wonder how max will react.
i'm sure he'll be happy.

i love it!

p.s. i can't imagine what she'll look like ;)
p.p.s. when i told max he laughed.  


Jennece Kahuhu said...

I always knew you would keep going!! Great mom like you, you might as well! Well when are you due excactly? I am due the 28th of August, so maybe we will have a baby at the same time;) Congrats!

. said...

Yes I wonder what she will look like... maybe not quite so blonde and blue eyed as the rest :)

mallari said...

So excited for you guys! Max is such a great big brother to those girls, they are lucky to have him!

Shelby said...

Congrats to you!! My mom had 6 girls and a boy, so you are almost there. : ) Hope you are feeling well! I'll let you know next week if we are on the same page!

Becky said...

Awesome! How very exciting! Drama central! But so wonderful too! I'm sure!

annelisa said...

Yeah!!!! When are the cute pictures of your tiny belly coming?

Mostly Leighanna, some Jordan said...

So, I went to lunch with Jordan today, and Cassie was talking about how you were having another girl. She said Wade told her, "Well, there's still a 10% chance they were wrong."

HAHAHA. Oh, denial.

Peter and Amber said...

Congratulations! One thing is sure, you two make adorable girls!