we got our spring brih-zaaaake on (that's "spring break" for those of you who've never lived in the hood)

pretty much it was a bunch of this.
spring skiing is the BEST!

we skied in utah most of the week with a day for shopping and tromping around salt lake, which was pretty much the only time i pulled out my camera.

we ran into elder holland and his wife coming out of our hotel this day.  we were the only ones there and they stopped and talked to us for a few minutes.  that made everyone's day.

note the ski-goggle face

we spent the weekend at wade's parents watching conference and generally scrambling about the hills behind their house.  the little girls took it upon themselves to be soul masters and protecters of the dogs.

these two didn't wear shoes the whole weekend.

 well, there's the end of ski season.  i have to say i'm okay with it.  until next year.


Becky said...

HA! I love your skiing videos! They always have the best soundtracks. Can't go wrong with Kris Kross Jump and LL Cool J Mamma Said Knock You Out. Seriously. Awesome.

Best part of the video is around 6:12 to 7:00. Also, love when it shows kids bobbing heads in the car. I also love all the parts in fast forward...so funny. You guys are great skiers!

Cute pictures of Utah kids. Love the ski-google face. And the soul masters and protectors. Max is looking SO mature!

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