we've been BUSY: part one - 4th of july week

watch out:  this post is a doozy of a picture post.  
i'm taking it backwards from here to the beginning of summer.
we've been SO busy.  i think we've been home for all of one full week this summer.
that's how we like it.
here's what we did last week over the fourth.
we spent the whole week in a cabin on lake cascade.
i think that's my new favorite place...for now.

this baby LOVES her hats and glasses.

this is the drive down the lane to the cabin.
it just screams, "you are on vacation!  ooooooh yeah.  it's gonna be good."

these jump pics are my favorite.


freakishly intense! 

i could NOT get enough of these little cheeks all week. 
toasty and squishy.
like marshmallows.

we may have consumed close to one million popsicles this week.

grandma and grandpa pilling came up for part of the week.
woo hoo!

our flag ladies kept it real.
you wave that flag!

we watched fireworks from the boat.  that was a first for me.  it's like double the fireworks because of the reflection on the water.

and bike rides for everyone.

this photo was so underexposed it was black.
i almost deleted it, but decided to fool with it to see what it was.
so glad i didn't delete it because look at how hilarious it is.

hi jordan.  we were sad powder couldn't come with you.
(and leighanna and alta too)

these last photos are a teaser for the next post.
i've got some video you will NOT want to miss.

 i tried to snag some photos from my friend danielle's blog.
didn't work.
she and her family came up for a day and i didn't catch any pictures of her kids with mine.
but they were there.
so were zach and mallari, but the only pictures i got of them was zach showing off his air chair skills.
oh my!

hope your fourth was fabulous too.


Amy said...

It all looks like so much fun! But that first picture of Gwen in her shades and hat and lips. I die. Seriously!! She is so stinkin' cute.

. said...

I really enjoyed those. I'm inviting myself to your lake trip next year.

. said...
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Becky said...

I love it! Can't wait for the videos you tease!

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