fly lover

devan's chillin' on the couch while i clean the kitchen (which no one would ever suspect i do, since it's never EVER clean), and i hear her giggle, then say, 

"stop that, tiff.  you're tickling me".

no one's around.
imaginary friend?
multiple personalities?

"you can't just tickle me!"

"who you talking to, dev?"

"just tiff."

"who's that?"

"the fly."

"you're naming the flies?"

"yup.  this one's tiff and that one's kirby."



i just hope the swatted, piled up flies in my garbage can don't have names too.


skidentist said...

devan is the best. one wonders if she has also been nourishing the flies with yellow boogers...but i guess those are her favorite so she probably only gives up the green ones.

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