really, guys?

so you've seen obama's budget slogan?
winning the future.
kind of nice.
warm.  fuzzy.
until you do with it what ultimately happens, in this uber texted-up society of ours, where, heaven forbid we be forced to utter more than five syllables at once, or spell them out, to all three-or-more-word phrases:
make an acronym out of it.
whoa.  that felt naughty, and completely inappropriate for this family blog, but come on guys?
can you not see two steps ahead of yourselves?
seems awfully foreboding of what's to come.
hopefully not.


Sharon Beesley said...


Anonymous said...

Come on Elizabeth can't you see it isn't wtf it's WtF.......

Either way the only thing I like about the plan is the fitting name.


mags said...

i like the responsibility part, cause nothing is more responsible then spending money we don't have.

Jennece Kahuhu said...

Yeah that makes me want to swear also. He's so evil...beyond evil....he thinks we are stupid...like we don't know what he's up to like.....RUINING THIS COUNTRY...Ha!! Yep fitting slogan, NOT!