missing that blue blue blue

being the responsible parents that we are, we usually try to take a family trip the second week of school.  things are a lot less busy that time of year... for whatever reason.
we went back to the bahamas this year, because we loved it so much last time.  
it's just so so blue.  
so soft, white, sand-between-your-toes wonderfully warm.
and so blue.
did i say that already?

these toasted marshmallow cheeks made me so happy all week long.


this girl and water are a goooood mix.
you can imagine what a good mood she was in all week.

re-apply and re-apply some more.

thanks to katelynn, everyone was accounted for at the end of the week, i got to finish three books, and wade and i actually got to nap on the beach a bit.


mallari said...

Oh my goodness!!! That looks like so much fun, I will trade trip itinerary with you any day!

Shelby said...

HOW FUN!!! That looks like so much fun. I may have to get tips from you and go one of these years!