if santa wanted to know...

this is what i'd put on my list this year.

this lovely trio of stacked gold rings.
size 7, thank you.

i really do love nars' blushes.  
and this sampler looks to be the bomb!

this is probably good for getting in the christmas mood...
but santa would have to make an early delivery on this one.

these look perfect for the snow.

oh yes, i did just put this all-clad set on the list.  
it's just time for a grown-up set.
what?  you don't think it'll fit in my stocking?

since we're throwing out suggestions that won't quite squeeze into my stocking, how about this here beauty? 
not sure which fabric, santa.  i'll have to get back to you on that.

also, our thanksgiving was superb.  we hosted this year and my mother-in-law and i spent the whole day cooking and chatting.  i love cooking with people i really like.  it's just really fun to me.

i tried my hand at dying my table linens.  i was going for more of a deep navy, but i really liked the purpley-blue i ended up with.
also, i got to use my thrifted goblets and share the spoils of my glorious ebay victory - my flatware.
my poor family.  they were forced to celebrate the perfect shape of each spoon bowl, and fork tine all weekend long.
i suspect they were actually making a bit of fun of me.
look, i get excited about these things.

oh, and the food was awesome.  
and relaxing all weekend long with some of my favorite people...
good stuff. 

another hi-light of the weekend: 
wade's brother, brad, got a bunch of old pictures off a dinosaur of a computer that's been sitting in my closet for six years, AND he hooked up my vcr so my kids could watch our old-school vhs tapes.  we have some good ones.
it took him about 5 minutes to do what i've been "trying" to do for six months.  thanks brad!

i do feel very blessed.


Lyric Payne said...

Wow...you have a nice Santa if you get all that!! Good idea for a blog, especially for those santas who don't take hints!

Becky said...

Great post! Funny, our lists are VERY similar!

I LOVE your table settings and decor. Beautiful. You have great taste.

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