taking inventory

it's that time of year.
that time before the time when we hit the slopes for the first time.
time to take inventory.

who needs new ski boots?
who's helmet doesn't fit anymore?
who's got holes in their socks?
in their gloves?

pretty much max just gets some new stuff and everyone else passes last year's stuff down the line.
there have got to be some perks to having four little sisters.

somehow wade comes out "needing" new gear every year.
never mind the closet full of who knows how many coats and jackets that fit only one person in this household.

when questioned about why he would possibly need another coat anytime in the next century
there was this,

"i need a coat for every.... possible....

well, too late.
you already have that.

and on to halloween.
because that was a roaring success.
here are the requisite costume photos.

forest ranger... post-bear-attack.
that's just not funny.

bring me back some candy!

you're welcome grandmas.


Becky said...

how fun! I hope one day our family at least goes skiing once. I used to ski every saturday when I was a kid in Montana! So fun. Nathan snowboards...I'm not even interested in trying that but he loves it. Sadly hasn't gone since we got married. A time and season for everything right. ;-)

I'm not a Grandma but I want to say Thank you! Love to see kids in their costumes!

Katie Busken said...

Great costumes! I love the idea of the post-bear-attack forest ranger (very unique and clever). Your kids are incredibly cute!

Amy said...

Wait just one minute!! I heard YOU had a costume not to be missed... I want to see :) Everyone else looks great!

I am MommaCat said...

i miss all your faces so much! keep the posts coming :-)