let's talk kitchens...

because i think about them a lot.
let's just dream up the perfect kitchen.
actually, let's just dream about kitchen windows.
i get specific on my wish lists.
 face it.  unless you're weird, you don't like doing dishes. that's why you need a great view from the kitchen sink.  standing at the stove without a window isn't a problem.  the entertainment is in the pan, but dishes = drudgery, so i need me some windows while i scrub.
preferably a whole wall of them.
without any cabinets at all.
just straight up glass.  

they could have left that little cabinet out and gone for one more window.  but it's still nice.

this is kind of a cool idea.  takes the open shelving to a whole new level.  and that mutha' of a slab of marble countertop is amazaballz.
and i really love the parson style island.
and the windows.


i prefer the windows to come closer to the counter, but this is still really pleasant, and those walls are $TUNNING.
look at all that marble!
plus, i've always been a fan of stairs coming down to the kitchen.
like in the family sitcoms from back in the day. 

frank randolph

i love the windows wrapping around the corner here.
actually the whole package is pretty sweet.  maybe a little more counter to the left of the stove.
am i picky?

hello bridge faucet.  i love you.

bijou home

steel cased window vs. wood cased windows.
i can't decide who wins.
it's an ongoing battle for me.

hello again, bridge faucet.  you're my friend.

jill sharp

the windows at the end of the room make up for there being just one at the sink.

this is kitchen perfection to me (except there needs to be some counter  space on either side of the stove.  that's a major oversight) but i guess i'd live with it if someone gave it to me for free :)

john howard


take those little cabinets down.  you don't really need them anyway.  you've got a few others.

maybe we'll do this again.  i love dreaming about kitchens.
next time : kitchen hoods?

what's your dream kitchen?


Jennece Kahuhu said...

My favorite one is the Southern Accent one. My dream kitchen is to fit everyone in the kitchen for eating, because face it, who needs a dinning room anyways? We love eating in the kitchen for some odd reason so this kitchen is perfect for me, a little less windows around the door and I agree more windows around the sink.

Nathan said...

My dream kitchen is DEFINITELY one with big windows, but I must specify WITH a nice view. Our nice big windows above the sink look into our breeze-way. LAME!

I have to say I have NEVER dreamed about kitchens but, I'm gonna start! Those are seriously beautiful. ~Becky

Randy and Danielle said...

Did I ever tell you about that dream I had about "My" house? I will have to give you the details when we chat next...btw, steel case windows allllll the way. Love ya!

skidentist said...

you're hilarious. i like the second kitchen you featured, obviously.

ps - i am feeling a little like i'm not cool enough to be your friend and/or sister in law. i mean, you did use the word "amazeballz".

. said...

Whenever we talk about this or that picture in home magazines I always think, I never even noticed that. You are picky. But you know what you like and what works. I will have to have you help me with a check list if I ever design a kitchen.

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