baby elle @ two months

i took these when elle was two months and am finally getting them up.  she's starting to fill out those NB onsies.

"aw! sick! dee pooked!"
"dee" is gwen's non-commital word for he or she.
i suppose it would be nice to have one of those on hand for those times when you're not really sure which pro-noun you should use.
i guess "it" would work too, but i think i'd be more offended by being called "it" than if i were mistakenly called "he".


baby elle does tend to "pook" quite a lot, but it keeps here happy so i'm not complaining.
not too much anyway.

we blessed elle when she was 9 days old since my parents were in town, but i didn't really get any pictures of her in her dress that day.
i know.
she barely fit into her dress when i pulled it out for these pictures.
my lovely mother made this beautiful dress out of some left over silk from my sister's wedding dress.
it's actually the exact same pattern she used to make my niece's blessing gown and bille didn't mind if we copied.
i love this dress.

bonnett and collar and cuffs are all edged with antique lace and the buttons are antique from my grandma's collection.

she's an angel baby.

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