halloween - yes, i know. i'm pathetic

when i suggested the girls be heidi the goat herder and her herd,
who do you think fell all over themselves to be a goat?  
yes, of course, whitney and devan.
while other girls their age dream of dressing like princesses, taylor swift, or cheerleaders,
my girls tend towards scruffy barn dwellers.
i can't say it doesn't fit them to a T.
gwen was a rather catching heidi, i will say.

(goats say "maaah" and sheep say "baaah" by the way)

even baby elle got in on the fun.
doesn't she look like she's have SO much of it?

those two fit the role perfectly.
wade said he couldn't keep up with their trotting all night long, but all he had to do was follow the sound of their bells to know where they were.  maybe i should fix those as everyday accessories.  hmmmmm.

and being the awesome mom that i am, i managed to not get a single picture of max and nikki in their costumes.  boo.
nik was a red ninja and max a homeless dude, not the most sensitive costume, but his was certainly the easiest, given that he looks practically homeless most days of the week.
love you, max ;)

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I am MommaCat said...

adorable, adorable, adorable! Your kids are amazing and your a SuperMom! Miss u all xoxox