let's back track

let's do a bit of a back-track here.
because i've been lame, we're gonna have to go way back.
devan turned five in september 
and had her first little friend party.

these little girls were all soooo sweet and cute and FUNNY.

then we took a quick trip to sun valley.  oh my goodness!! it was the perfect time to go because all of the trees were changing and the skies were so dramatic and beautiful.

there was lots of mountain biking, and walks, and bike cruises.
number one rule to visiting sun valley : bring your bikes!
there are paths all over the town and into the hills and mountains.

baby elle had had quite enough of this walk

there's this crazy living vine hut/fort thing.
i totally want to go back in the spring to see it in bloom.

i have a feeling we'll be making a lot more visits in the future.

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