craigslist and cookie dough

my garage is full of things that should have been sold on craigslist months ago.  while i tell my neighbor how "easy it is" to sell stuff on the sight, i secretly need to bite the bullet myself and create listings for i don't know how many things in total.  enough that my garage would feel instantly less congested, and my wallet more so, after making these sure-fire sales.


maybe i could pay my sister-in-law to list everything for me.  she's good at that kind of stuff.
and when i say "pay"  maybe that could be in the form of under-salted cookies, since, because it's fund-raising season, i now find myself with two giant tubs of dough that i was guilted into buying (by my husband, not my neighborhood kids) exactly two days after i threw last year's tub away because it produced very lardy, under-salted cookies.
if i know anything, i know how cookies should taste.
and their primary flavor should not be under-salted lard.
i'd much rather a salted lard taste.
at least i might imagine them to be chunks of bacon instead of a poor excuse for chocolate chunk peanut butter.
come on!
when you tell my i'm about to eat peanut butter and chocolate in combination i get excited.
so, obviously, when i threw the 3/4-full tub  in the trash, i had very good cause.

maybe the oatmeal raisin and cranberry shortbread versions will be more acceptable.  i doubt it.

tubs of cookie dough are for people who don't like to bake cookies,
not for people whose life mission it is to find the ultimate best version of each of the major cookie groups.

you've got food groups, i've got cookie groups.

and since i've only checked off one of my cookie groups as having found the ultimate best, and since i'm not getting any younger,
clearly i don't have time, or freezer space, to waste on this mass produced frozen crap.

oh well, i'll just count it as my good turn for the day,
even though every time i see them in my freezer, wasting precious space, i'll be reminded that $15 (times two tubs)  could have gotten me something much more satisfying.
why couldn't they have been selling wrapping paper? 

does that still count as a good deed, though?
i didn't think so.

but you know what would count?
if my sister-in-law sold all the crap in my garage for me.
i wouldn't even make her eat the cookies. 


Becky said...

Ha ha! Love that post! Our craigslist community is small and spread out...it's disappointing. One day I'll live back in civilization.

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