harsh accusations

at cost plus today, after checking out and preparing myself for the grand ol' haul-em-out-of-the-store act,
i cheerfully encouraged my girls out of the shopping cart with a 
"let's go, boogers!"
to which my little devan replied, after a very tween-ish jaw drop, gasp and head snap,
"mom!  why would you call us FOOD?  it's because you don't love us anymore and want to eat us!"

first of all, i consider "boogers" to be a term of endearment.

second of all, the fact that my daughter classifies boogers as belonging to some sort of food group is just wrong and disgusting.
i guess we know how she spends her spare time.

and how in the world did the situation escalate from a playful nudge out of the store to me being a bad mother who cares so little for her children that she would rather eat them (if i were in the habit of eating boogers) than take care of them?

such drama.

and then after a cute old man carried on a sweet "conversation" with gwen, for his own entertainment, whitney looked at me with a big question mark.
"mom, what village is he from?"

i thought that was really funny, for some reason.


Adri said...

Laughing. Out loud! :)

Nead Family said...

which one would you eat first? probably devan because if she saw you eat one of her siblings the pouty lipped scowl would come out full force with a serious lashing of words! I will NEVER forget the lashing you and i got for laughing when whitney fell. i've never had such a tiny kid make me feel so guilty! she is quite the entertainer!

Becky said...

SO funny! What village?!?! Ha ha!

I picked Marley up from school one day and she was in the back of the car in her car seat. Quiet for quite sometime. Then she said, "Mom! My teeth are sticking together!" "Why? What did you eat?" I thought they may have given her a piece of candy or something at school. She responded, "Boogers." Ewww!

I am MommaCat said...

Ahahahahahaha........love them girls!

Kirk Klippel said...

Hi there, I'm a friend of Becky's! I hope you don't mind me commenting...I think your blog is great. This recent post is hilarious and I loved the post where you redid your bench and mirror. I love thrifting, it's the best! Take care, Shauna