we're losing it around here

a couple of weeks ago it happened.  
whitney finally lost her first tooth.
she'd been waiting her whole life for this moment.

her toothless grin in all its gloriousness.
it's perfect

then over the next couple of days max and nikki each lost a tooth,
and all three of them have another loose tooth.
we've had a dry spell of falling-out teeth,
now it's like a flood.
we're going to bankrupt our tooth fairy.


I am MommaCat said...

Yay for Whit! Love that smile of hers :) Jake still has not lost any teeth yet...we are waiting.

Jennece Kahuhu said...

I can see you with 7 kids easy! I also think you should write a children's book, you are good with words! Cute family! Merry Christmas!