a little change-up and an adventure in thrifting : gilded mirror

so i have this bench.  it's fine. nothing special,
but it's the perfect size for this weird nook by the stairs, and it's really well constructed.
and comfortable.

but it's all too much ho-hum,
if you ask me.
plus, a solid, light velvet shows all those 
curiously-placed sings of children,
like boogers and drool and snot and ear wax and jellied-fingers,
that a print hides so much better.
plus, it's a lot more boring.

and then there's this mirror.
scored at the g-dub.
i tried to talk them down, but they wouldn't budge on this one.
i think they could see it in my eyes, how i was going to buy it either way.
still, it's doesn't hurt to ask.  
only gives you more practice for when something really 
haggle-worthy comes along. 

but it was too much shimmer what with the gaudy gilded frame and the shiny mirror.  
i wanted to tone it down, and i didn't need another mirror.
so i turned it into a chalkboard.
why do i need a chalkboard?
i don't.  i just needed that frame on center stage, but not the mirror.

i brushed on about 4 coats of magnetic paint (right on top of the mirror.  not really the best, but i was too impatient to cut a piece of wood) and then a couple coats of chalkboard paint.
i wanted a really textured finish, so i used a brush, but use a roller if you want a smooth one.

exactly two seconds after i hung the mirror chalkboard,
a little devil thought it'd be great fun to scratch off the paint.
who was that?
i'll let you guess.
it's an easy one.

how you like me now?!
that's much, MUCH better, if i do say so myself.
i unscrewed the seat and did a quick re-cover.
i didn't remove the velvet, just stapled the ikat right over it.
that way it'll be easy to change when i get tired of it again.
and i will some day, i'm sure.
but right now i love it.


I am MommaCat said...

I love, love, love it! As always, you find the best scores when u shop. I've been wanting Jess to make me a chalkboard for months for the kitchen. Come out here and let's go shopping! :-)

Becky said...

ddddd-dang! you are good! I am SO impressed!

Unknown said...

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eloise12 said...

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eloise12 said...

So great! Wade has always had the magic teeth touch! He deserves it! namba idaho

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