birthday baby

little gwenie pig turned two last week. 
that's getting old.
i made her a tee pee, just like the one my sister made for her little 2-year-old, and she LOVES it.

this little thing is so sweet.
she tries to be funny all day long.
it's very important to her that she be funny, i guess, 
because every time she tries to be comical in some way she asks,
"is it funny, mom?"
"funny" was one of her very first words
 and she loves to laugh.
every time she laughs she gets the hiccups.
 every time.
she has since she was an infant.
i hope she never grows out of that.
her laugh is really goofy.
it's deep and throaty and, well, goofy.
add in the hiccups and you can't help but laugh with her too.

when she's not laughing she's most likely singing.
she LOOOOVES to sing.
and she knows all the words, more or less.
if she's ever in a funk the easiest way to snap her out of it is to sing songs with her.
the other night, at 3 a.m., she came downstairs and got into bed with us (which she's never done before) and as she lay there between me and wade (who was sound asleep through it all. rude.)
she kept saying, in a very. intense. whisper.,
"mom, it's cwazy!  call me baby song!"
over and over and over again.
she was trying to sing the words to that "call me maybe" song.
at 3 a.m.
seems just as good a time as any other, right?

i think we re-lit her candles about ten times because she was having so much fun blowing them out.
and all day long you could hear gwen singing,
"happy bir-day tooo yooo - cha cha cha!"

 someone was getting into the olympic spirit 
with her gymnastics getup. 
so fancy.

"mom.  come on.  that's enough."

happy birthday, baby girl!!

here is the tee pee tutorial


Emily said...

Love her!! Don't you just want to freeze her in time? That's how I feel about Will

Amy said...

I just love her!! I can't believe she's getting so big -- she's a doll!

eloise12 said...

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eloise12 said...

So great! Wade has always had the magic teeth touch! He deserves it!
namba idaho

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