kids love bubbles.
my kids especially love bubbles.
they love them for lots of reasons,
one of which took me by surprise the other day.
so i've been trying to find the best brand of bubbles.
only because i've bought a couple brands this summer that i can't even get one lousy bubble out of.


i guess that's what you get when you fall for the bargain price of 2/$1.
well, i'd had enough.  so i googled "best brand of bubbles" and came up with gazillion bubbles.
they're a little pricey, 
but, WOW, are they ever worth it.
i can blow for a good 30 seconds on one dip of the jumbo wand
and i swear if you tried to count all the bubbles that come out,
you'd get... a gazillion.

i've figured it's a total ploy on the part of the manufacturers:
they make really great blowing bubbles that take no time at all to blow through (pun intended. ha.) because they work so well.  you end up buying bubbles more often because you're going through the bottles so fast.
so you're spending more money on the bubbles AND buying them more often.
i say it's still worth it.

anywho, the kids are in heaven, as i'm blowing, and blowing, 
and getting a little light-headed.
and i mention that i can't blow all day. 
"because you might pass out, mom?"
is whitney's observation.
devan pauses her popping for a moment to contemplate my passing out, and i can promise you the look on her face is not one of concern at the prospect.
rather, it's one of amusement and, dare i say it, even hope.
next comes the explanation.
in a half whisper she tells whitney,
"if mom passes out then we can go play 
the computer as much as we want."


surely whitney will set her straight on this one.
surely she'll inform her of how wrong and unloving it is to wish that your eight-month pregnant  mother will pass out as she is in the very act of expending herself for the soul purpose of your enjoyment.


whitney's reply?  
"i hope she passes out."

pop. pop. pop.



Katie Busken said...

I love this post! You should write a book, your kids are too funny!

Adri said...

Ha! Don't pass out! You will be in trouble when you come to.

Rachel said...

You are such a good writer. I always laugh when I read your posts. I remember one post in particular from a few years ago where your children were having a conversation about Jesus and all the He can do. One of them said something like, "Jesus can do anything." And another said, "Yeah, like the full splits." I'm pretty sure that is my favorite story of all time.

Jennece Kahuhu said...

When are you going to post about the upcoming baby? I haven't heard anything...Just curious! Hope all is well with you guys. I agree I think you are a fabulous writer, you should right a children's book!