we've been BUSY : part two june

did june fly by for you too?  
i couldn't believe how fast it was gone.  
ours started with a road trip to california.

roasting marshmallows around my parents' fire pit is always a must.

those flames are perfect for toasting treats...

and chilly backsides.

 mr. max turned 11 on the trip.
what?  how?  yikes, i'm getting old.
the only candle we could find was a #2.
he didn't care.

leave it to his sisters to make him feel loved.

it was a flurry of wrapping paper and tissue.
and root beer.

and a birthday bash, compliments of aunty cat.
(next two pics compliments of her too.  thanks.)

max and logan share birthdays one day apart (and a year) so why not share a party too?
that was fun.

and then there were visits to see dear friends.

back in idaho nikki decided to turn 9.
she actually got all nine of her deserved candles.

there are never enough books in this house to satisfy these kids.
i can't keep up with them.

contemplating snatching a birthday-root beer from nik's stash.

and then some gwen randomness.

and this one too...
with toothpaste on her face.

i've got a ton of pictures on my phone from june of cousins and zoo trips and boating that i'm having issues putting up, so those will have to wait till later.
next up is may.
then maybe i'll get to august, which should be a good one considering we'll have an introduction on our hands.
t minus 2 weeks till baby.

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