adventures in thrifting: this chair

mmmmm.  these chairs are just right.
but they're expensive.  really expensive.
especially the vintage ones.

these two were $1,500 for the pair.  and anthropologie has one, ONE like these for $1,500.



here is the uuuuuugly before of my chair that i found at the d.i. for $10 each (there are two).  someone just threw some random couch pillows on the chair and called it good.
actually, NOT good.
except the foam was in really good condition so i just resized it and reused it.


much better, no?

this was the first time i'd ever done a box-cornered cushion cover with a hidden zipper.
not hard at all, although the second cushion turned out much better than the first.
i guess that's to be expected when you're winging it.
they are sooooo comfortable.  i think i'll eventually make more white covered cushions for the backs, but right now i kind of like the looser feel of the pillows.

chairs - $10 x 2 chairs = $20
fabric - $4/yard x 2 yards = $8
pillow covers - $5 x 2 pillows = $10
pillow inserts - $25 x 2 = $50
total of $88 for two chairs

getting these monsters out of the garage and my husband off my back = priceless


Becky said...

Awesome! Such style. Such taste. Such creativity.

Lyric Payne said...

Those look perfect. You are really gifted.

I am MommaCat said...

WOW! Very, very nice! Good job :o)

Michelle said...

How did you manage to find those chairs for $20? I'm impressed. Great job!

emily said...

Love them...there is nothing better than a good find. Hey I finished my table. I love it. Now I just need chairs. I'll have to take a pic n send it to u. Thx so much for ur help n encouragement. Keep posting ur finds. I need topost mine but yours r so creative.