some new pictures

oh man, i could go all day with these pictures.
my dear friend, amy, did such a great job with our family photos.
really.  because i had my doubts, considering the amount of fighting, whining, punching, pinching, threatening, kicking, crying, teasing and pouting that went into making these pictures possible.
she's that good.
i love love love how they turned out and could have put up a hundred more favorites, but i'll spare you.
she caught everyone's personalities perfectly.
thanks amy!


I am MommyCat said...

Ohhhh, such beautiful pictures! Awww, Gwenny is such a cutie, and you & Wade look like your blissfully in love. She did a great job like you said capturing all the kids personalities :)

Becky said...

They ALL look SO good! You look like a family from a magazine.

Adri said...

You make the most beautiful children! Love!

Peter and Amber said...

Beautiful pictures! You have such an amazingly adorable family! :-)

mallari said...

Your family is so adorable! Love these!

annelisa said...

Great Pics! Makes me miss you more!

Amy said...

You guys are awesome!! I had so much fun taking these and I'm glad you like them!