hex on the brain, yo

there's something going down over here.
i love projects that get done.

also, something else i've been pondering lately,
asking myself...
kind of a pivotal question in my life...

why can't i dance like this kid?

do you wonder this too?


Becky said...

i'm almost speechless. and a little uncomfortable. mostly with the crotch floss toward the end. that kid needs some bigger undies...like some boxers. and yes, that is a good question...Elizabeth, why can't you dance that well? I know I can! Ha!

Did you get hexagon tile? What got done...please show!

Amy said...

Okay, first... I believe in you, Elizabeth, you can dance like that :) and second... I want to know more about your project!

eloise12 said...

So great! Wade has always had the magic teeth touch! He deserves it! idaho picker

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