this lady is FOUR

you know what's really cool about september?
it's devan's birthday.
i knew that's what you were going to say.

"hmmmm.  let's see.  i was three...

... but now i'm FOUR!"

woot woot!

she could not wait.
now she thinks she's all grown up, and practically throws a fit when i tell her she still has to sit in a car seat.
she asks me, in her most dramatic and tragic voice,
"you want me to still be three?  i am four years old, mom, and i don't need a car seat anymore."

then gain ten pounds, you little snot.

she acts more like she's 14 than 4.
her attitude is ridiculous, and some of the things that come out of her mouth are UN believable.
she walks around with her hand on her hip,
shaking her toosh,
and giving you dirty looks if you dare laugh at her.

but then she busts up laughing because she can only pretend to be a diva for so long.

but she's a sweetheart too.
and loving.
and kind (sometimes).
and she has the squishiest cheeks (both kinds). 

and she makes you say a password to gain entrance.
and it's always "kirby-tiff-tuff-menanite".
and i can never remember it.

and she's FUN-NY.
really funny.
and she knows it too.

happy birthday, baby girl.
we love you.
a lot.

pictures by my good friend amy she is so good.


Becky said...

So so cute! What a beauty!

skidentist said...

so...is her password the names of her 4 favorite flies? mennonite?? what the heck? does she have an amish friend or something?