open wide

this guy should probably stop opening his mouth,
because every time he does he finds it full of his foot.

although... he does add quite a bit of comic relief to the debates.
like when he looked like he might punch mit's light out last night.

but i usually depend on ron paul for my mid-debate laughs.

anywho, i was very entertained last night.

they just keep getting better and better.

p.s. someone has too much time/wasted talent on their hands with this one.


Becky said...

ha ha ha! how'd they do that!?! Clever.

Amy said...

Couldn't agree more about ole' rick... but that video seriously gave me the giggles! My kids didn't quite get what was so funny :)

eloise12 said...

So great! Wade has always had the magic teeth touch! He deserves it! idaho picker

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