kitten or BEAST!?

if this picture isn't deceiving, 
then it isn't adorable either.
they both look so angelic.
so docile.
so well-mannered.
uh huh.

look closer.
there's mischief in those eyes.

whitney questions the general household, 
after violent encounters with the fluffy one, (grinning)
"is this a kitten or a BEAST?"
and i often question myself, (scowling)
"is she a girl or a beast?"

they're both so irresistible, though.
one thing's for sure,
they're perfect for each other.

(i've got to take care of that scowling thing)


I am MommaCat said...

I love this post! The picture is awesome too ;o)

Becky said...

VERY cute picture but probably is deceiving.

I really think all cats beastly in some way or another.